Every Name a Person

Across the world, the rapidity of the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) is overwhelming. Even with all the measures of lock-down, sadly, we have to acknowledge that we won’t be able to prevent every single death.

Everyone in our community must now face the prospect of these most challenging and tragic events. It is inevitable that we will have to make decisions and act in ways which may not allow for the kind of end of life care that we have fought so hard to achieve in Gloucestershire.

We cannot take away from the fact that decisions about health and care may need to be made very quickly. We cannot take away the distress of not being with loved ones at the end of their lives. But we, the NHS in Gloucestershire, are committed to ensuring that nobody who loses their life as a result of coronavirus is seen as just a number or forgotten.

We pledge to never forget:

Every name is a person.

Every person a life lived.

Every life a story behind it.

We pledge to our patients and their loved ones that, while we may have little time to get to know each person, we will learn something that matters to them, we will offer something that provides them with comfort. We will do all that we can to keep those important to that person as informed and involved as possible, and do our very best to ensure that nobody dies alone.

We want to reassure you that any deaths related to the virus are not a just a number or statistic that you hear on the news, every name is a person and we will remember them.

Resources for the bereaved

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Looking after your mental wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak

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