We want to provide the skills and support to make Gloucestershire a place where everyone gets a good start in life, can live well with good education and employment opportunities and stay well for as long as possible. Together, we also want to provide the very best health and care support when people need it at every stage of life. Find out more here and here.

District level partnerships (known as Integrated Locality Partnerships – ILPs) and Primary Care Networks or Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (groups of GP surgeries working with community services and organisations in a local area) will continue to have a vital role in meeting local health priorities, with a focus on personal responsibility, wellbeing and prevention.

Working together to tackle avoidable and unfair differences in health between people in our county is an important priority for us. We want to prevent avoidable illness and the burden of disease falling unfairly on some groups more than others. So, alongside our partners, we are exploring and introducing different approaches to help overcome these inequalities.

As well as listening, we will also use information (data) to understand the current health and care needs of people and communities and predict what people will need in the future; this is called Population Health Management (PHM).

It will help us address priorities at a local level, provide early support to those most at risk, tailor better care and support for individuals and make better use of public resources.

You can read more about how we will work together to prevent ill health and support healthy individuals and communities here.