One Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Partnership works beyond traditional health and care boundaries to build the relationships, mutual understanding and – ultimately – trust, which will be the foundations of a healthy Gloucestershire in years to come.  We firmly believe that the measure of our effectiveness will be in not just what we do but the way that we do it.  Sometimes referred to in private business as corporate social responsibility, we think about it as the part we play in building social value, far exceeding our potential to effect change through providing high quality health and care services across the life course.

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Provision of health care services plays an important role in people’s health outcomes and rightly requires focus and attention. However, research has shown that access to good quality health services accounts for around 20% of factors that make people healthy. One Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Partnership needs to pay attention to the remaining 80% – the social, economic and environmental factors which influence people’s mental and physical health.

Health outcomes and opportunities to be healthy do not fall equally across populations.  Working together to tackle avoidable and unfair differences in health between people in our county (known as ‘health inequalities’) is an important priority for us. Some of the things we’re doing to achieve this include:

Health Inequalities Panel

We set up a Health Inequalities Panel to:

  • understand co-ordinate action on health inequalities across Gloucestershire; identifying priorities and ‘enabling’ the system; and ensuring impact is monitored and learning is shared
  • support the longer-term development of a sustainable, community-centred, whole system approach to reducing health inequalities

Building healthy, resilient, connected and empowered communities is an important way of improving the health of the population. The panel adopted the Public Health England (now known as UK Health Security Agency) Community-Centred Whole System Approach Framework because it is founded in shared values, and developing equal relationships where power is distributed and trust is built and reinforced over time.

Enabling Active Communities and Individuals

Our Enabling Active Communities and Individuals programme is where we work together to tackle inequity and injustice with a focus health and wellbeing.

We are a group of partners from NHS, social care, public health and other public, voluntary and community sector organisations who find common ground and build trust by championing strengths-based approaches.  The group meet six times a year, with a focus on creating a space to explore shared challenges, alternative points of view and in so doing to generate connection and greater insight to support the work we do.

Read more about our work on preventing ill health in the Living Well section of our site.

Memorandum of understanding

The memorandum of understanding captures the way One Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Partnership and the Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise Sector intends to work together. Founded on our shared values this is the start of an exciting move towards more dynamic partnership working going forward, including a model for accountable representation and a social value policy.

One Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Partnership is a proud sponsor of the Gloucestershire Volunteering Collaborative. Formed in 2021 in the wake of the huge groundswell of volunteering during the pandemic, the Collaborative provides a shared platform to further the interests and opportunities for volunteering and volunteers in our county.

During 2021 we sponsored the Collaborative’s launch of Go Volunteer Glos, the newly revitalised digital home of volunteering in Gloucestershire.  Using this platform is the simplest way to find the widest range of local volunteering opportunities in the county all in one place.  It also offers a huge variety of free resources to support organisations to offer volunteering opportunities.

We will continue to be active partners in the Collaborative, offering our time and resources to ensure Gloucestershire is a thriving county for volunteering.

We look to improve health and wellbeing through mobilising assets within communities, promoting equity and increasing people’s control over their health and lives.

We are proud to work with partners to generate greater understanding about how best to work together, overcoming boundaries such as power differentials to create the foundations for healthy collaboration.

In 2020 a Gloucestershire Collaboration of civil society partners including the One Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Partnership, was awarded a Healthy Communities Together (HCT) grant by the Kings Fund and National Lottery Community Development Fund. With the aim of ‘building trust for fairer health’, HCT Gloucestershire are exploring new creative, innovative, unexpected and experimental ways we can create the context for sustainable health and wellbeing.

Find out more about HCT Gloucestershire on their website.