Healthier and happier places to work

Running a business is not just about a healthy balance sheet, you also need a healthy and happy workforce.

Here in Gloucestershire, 34 organisations were proud to receive a Workplace Wellbeing Charter Award in recognition of their efforts to support their staff.

The CCG commissioned the charter in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council, the Local Enterprise Partnership and Active Gloucestershire to help organisations work towards achieving a healthy workplace culture.

To gain accreditation, staff members were interviewed and audits against topics such as leadership, absence management, health and safety, mental health, smoking, physical activity, healthy eating and alcohol were carried out.

Health initiatives at work can deliver a wide range of benefits to both employers and staff; such as reduced absenteeism, better health and more harmonious working environments and those businesses which have taken part are now reaping the benefits.


“Achieving the workplace wellbeing charter has made a positive impact and has inspired us to embrace health and wellbeing globally. As part of our continuous improvement we are also making a pledge to the Time to Change campaign and focussing more on smoking cessation, healthy eating and physical activity. Our vision is to achieve excellence for all standards.” Jenny Hudson, HR Manager, JD Norman Lydney Ltd