NHS to consider outcome of Citizens’ Jury

Statement from: Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group


“We are very grateful for the work of the independent Citizens’ Jury and would like to thank the Jurors for their time, commitment and careful assessment of the information they received over five days.

We also like to thank the organisers, healthcare professionals working in the services, patient and public representatives and other experts who spoke on relevant topics.

We look forward to receiving the Jurors Report, which will include views on the vision for developing the centres of excellence approach to care and their recommendations on priorities for three specialist services.

It will offer important insights and we will take great care to assess these considered views and all the feedback we have received over the months of this engagement.

We would like to stress that the Jurors’ recommendations are not agreed solutions or options for change.

The NHS will now review in full the outputs from the Citizens’ Jury and the wider Output of Engagement Report before work to appraise and narrow down a range of potential solutions for change. They will then undergo further review.

It is important to stress that any significant options for change to hospital services would be subject to public consultation, as required later in the year.

We would also like to reiterate very clearly that we are committed to two thriving hospital sites – Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal – capable of supporting outstanding care, comparable to the best in England.”

Clinical Director for General Surgery at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Simon Dwerryhouse said:

“It was a real pleasure to be part of such an innovative form of citizen engagement. The opportunity to explore issues together in the same room, at the same time, and to answer the public Jurors’ questions adds huge value to the development of future services.”

The three specialist hospital services are – general surgery, image guided surgery and emergency and acute medicine.

The NHS has confirmed that there are no plans to close the Cheltenham Emergency Department (A&E).