What is One Gloucestershire ICS and what are the next steps?

Gloucestershire has been working in voluntary partnership as an Integrated Care System (ICS) since May 2018.

Whilst the NHS and care organisations in the county are core within that arrangement, our wider One Gloucestershire partnership, including service users, carers, districts and the voluntary and community sector has been integral to our success.

Working as an ICS has meant:

  • greater focus on supporting people to keep healthy, independent and developing active communities
  • more joined up care and support for people whether in their own home, GP surgery, community or in hospital
  • easier for staff to work across organisations to support shared health and care priorities
  • greater freedom and control to make local decisions about services and use of the Gloucestershire pound
  • greater opportunities to attract additional money to develop services and support.

Some of the areas we have focused on include:

  • Supporting active lifestyles
  • Cancer services
  • Health and housing
  • Maternity care
  • Mental health and well-being – incl. children and young people
  • Supporting people with learning disabilities
  • Supporting people with long term health conditions in their communities incl. social prescribing
  • Stroke care
  • Ageing well – including frailty, dementia and end of life care.

You can find bitesize summaries here and film case studies here.

Moving to statutory status – what does that mean?

The Health and Care Bill which is currently working its way through parliament proposes to formalise arrangements and make ICSs statutory organisations from April 2022.

An NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB – we are waiting for national confirmation on the ‘public name’ for these organisations) will be responsible for overseeing the day to day running of the NHS in Gloucestershire and developing a plan to meet the healthcare needs of our population.

It will take on the commissioning responsibilities (i.e. buying health services and support to meet the needs of local people) from the current CCG and some from NHS England.

The ICB will work hand in glove with an Integrated Care Partnership bringing together health, social care, public health and wider partners. This will help us to build on the real strides we have already made using our collective effort, expertise and resources. This partnership will be responsible for agreeing an integrated care strategy for improving and joining up public health, health care and social care.

Informed by national guidance, we currently have eight broad priority areas to support recovery, transform the quality of support and care we provide to local people and improve the health and wellbeing of our population. You can read more about these priority areas in the public presentation on the One Gloucestershire website here.

It is important to say that people will continue to access services in their own homes, GP surgery, community and hospital, but ICS partners will work ever more closely together to plan, provide and improve support and care.

We will keep in touch over the coming months to guide you through the transition as more information becomes available. You can also keep up to date by visiting the ICS transition page on the One Gloucestershire website here.