Citizens’ Jury

A Citizens’ Jury is taking place via Zoom for eight days from 19 to 22 January and 25 to 28 January from 1pm-5.30pm each day.

About the participants

The participants were recruited by Citizens Juries c.i.c. during November and December 2020. The 18 adults selected broadly reflect Gloucestershire residents in relation to age, sex, ethnicity, educational attainment, geographical district, and employment status.

What will the jury be considering?

The jury work together to answer important questions about the Fit for the Future consultation. The public consultation on proposals for organising a number of specialist hospital services across the Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital sites ran from 22 October til 17 December. The Interim Output of Consultation report can be found here.

The online jury process is being led by skilled facilitators: Kyle Bozentko and Sarah Atwood of the Jefferson Center.

The jury will be informed about the questions they are exploring, partly through the expert witnesses who will give presentations and answer questions posed by the jurors. Jurors will be given time to work together and deliberate amongst themselves before reaching their conclusions, which will later be published.

The recommendations of the jury (such as what the jury considers to be the most important public consultation findings) will be put to the governing bodies of the NHS in Gloucestershire to inform their decisions about changes to hospital services.

How to access the jury proceedings

In order to protect the identity and privacy of jury participants, it is not possible to watch the jury proceedings live. However, slides and videos of presentations by the expert witnesses, and audio recordings of plenary jury sessions are being made available through this webpage once the jury commences. The planned jury schedule outlining what happens each jury day is available here

The jury will hear presentations from witnesses on 19, 20, 21, 22 and 26 January – there are no presentations on other days. Slides from the day’s presentations become downloadable from the table below on the day of the presentation and before 1pm.

Day 1 – Tuesday 19 January 2021 

Event Information

The Jury Questions

Planned schedule

Context for this jury: Micky Griffith (presentation)

Download materials

Day 2 – Wednesday 20 January 2021

What is Fit for the Future (FFTF)?: Prof Mark Pietroni (presentation)

What does a good NHS consultation process look like?: Frances Newell (presentation)

What does good NHS consultation information look like?: Frances Newell (presentation)

Download materials

Day 3 – Thursday 21 January 2021 

FFTF engagement and consultation process: Micky Griffith and Becky Parish (presentation)

Information provided by the NHS for the public consultation: Becky Parish (presentation)

Download materials

Day 4 – Friday 22 January 2021 

Strengths and weaknesses of the consultation: Russell Peek (presentation)

Strengths and weaknesses of the consultation: Julius Marstrand and Chris Hickey (presentation)

Strengths and weaknesses of the consultation: Angela Gilbert (presentation)

Strengths and weaknesses of the consultation: Trevor Rawlinson (presentation)

Strengths and weaknesses of the consultation: Vicki Livingstone-Thompson (presentation)

Download materials


Day 6 – Tuesday 26 January 2021 

Interpreting consultation results: Richard Stockley (presentation)

What were the results of the public engagement?: Becky Parish (presentation)

Download materials

Videos of the presentations will be available to be downloaded within a week of the presentation to the jury.

Audio recordings of plenary sessions of the jury, including question and answer sessions between jury members and the witnesses, are available on request within a week of the recording being made. Citizens Juries c.i.c. and the Jefferson Center aim to protect the privacy and identity of the jury participants. Protecting the identity of participants is more difficult if audio recordings of jury members speaking are widely shared. Therefore, to request audio file(s), you must first complete this online agreement form to not share the audio data.

If you have any queries regarding this Citizens’ Jury then please email