Fit for the Future – Citizens’ Jury

A citizens’ jury was held from Monday 20 January 2020 through to Friday 24 January 2020 to look at how specialist hospital services in Gloucestershire could develop in the future The jury was held at Cheltenham Chase Hotel, Shurdington Road, Brockworth GL3 4PB from 09.30 to 17.00 each day.

The jury was open to the general public, and were able to attend and watch, but not contribute. If people were interested in observing (there were a number of places available each day), they were asked to email: to register. Places were allocated on a first come, first served basis.

You can read more about the work of the jury including media coverage and their report by visiting Citizens’ Jury c.i.c

Following a period of advertising, 18 people were selected for the jury and are broadly representative of the people of Gloucestershire in relation to age, gender, education, ethnicity and postcode.

You can find out more about what the jury considered here, as well as a summary agenda for the week.

The presentation slides were be uploaded to this page by 1pm each day.


Day 1 – Monday 20 January 

Context for this jury: Micky Griffith Download presentation
Engagement Process Presentation: Becky Parish and Caroline Smith Download presentation
Gloucestershire Health Needs Presentation: Dr Becky MacLean Download presentation
Centres of Excellence Approach in Gloucestershire: Dr Mark Pietroni Download presentation
Hospital specialisation – what have people said elsewhere?: Dr Iestyn
Download presentation

Day 2 – Tuesday 21 January

Community Transport Presentation: Louise Currie Download presentation
Emergency Transport Presentation: Stephanie Bonser Download presentation
Travel Times Presentation: Jo Underwood Download presentation
Community Panel: What is important to think about for the future care
of Gloucestershire?Flo ClucasREACH
Download presentation – Flo Clucas

Download presentation – REACH

Disclaimer: The citizens’ jury design and all the slides presented to the citizens’ jury by witnesses are reviewed by an independent oversight panel who check the slides are understandable, relevant and not biased. The slides available in the pdfs for daily download have been through that process. The REACH slides made available here were presented to the citizens’ jury on 21 January were not sent in advance to Citizens Juries c.i.c. and so did not go through that process.


Day 3 – Wednesday 22 January

Image-Guided Services Presentation: Dr Guy Hickson & Dr Rafe
Download presentation

Film – Image Guided Interventional Surgery (IGIS)

Film – Interventional Cardiology

Film – Jim’s Story (cardiology)

Day 4 – Thursday 23 January

Acute Medicine Presentation: Dr Elinor Beattie Download presentation

Film – Urgent and Emergency Care

General Surgery Presentation: Mr Simon Dwerryhouse Download presentation

Film – General Surgery

Film – Eric’s story (Lower GI)

Day 5 – Friday 24 January

Draft criteria for evaluating potential solutions: Micky Griffith Download presentation