“The NHS provides care and services that are available to all, with the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion enshrined within the NHS Constitution and legislation.

The NHS in Gloucestershire employs over 20,000 people, from more than 95 nationalities, serving wonderful diverse communities and bringing together a rich mix of cultures and experiences to the care that we deliver. When colleagues from all ethnic backgrounds are able to thrive, this will positively impact on the recruitment and retention of staff, and critically ensure better outcomes of care for all our communities.

However, the NHS Staff Survey, Workforce Race Equality Standard and Policing Hate Crime data all highlight the significant challenges that remain when it comes to discrimination, equality and diversity nationally and locally.

Now more than ever it is important that we do not stand still and we build on the momentum already achieved in instilling the right values and behaviours, and ensuring we all remain alert to racial prejudice, discrimination and social exclusion.

Equality, diversity and inclusion plays a critical part within the NHS, from staff on the frontline to the boardroom and it is incumbent on each, and every one of us, to champion this vital work. We must build on the evidence-based advice from experts and our community networks to improve outcomes, access to health care and ensure the NHS is an inclusive employer.

This is a key strategic priority and a key feature of our plans across the One Gloucestershire Integrated Care System. Equality, diversity and inclusion is very much a health matter and we are determined to make the continued progress that our communities rightly expect.”

Dame Gill Morgan Ingrid Barker Deborah Evans
Chair Chair Chair
NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board Gloucestershire Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust