Healthy habits are an addition to lots of New Year’s resolution lists, but finding the right support, information and tips can feel a bit daunting.

With all sorts of apps, diets and information flooding social media, it can be difficult to understand what is right for you.

This is where One Gloucestershire’s health app library can help. It lists all sorts of programmes which may help with managing long-term conditions or promoting wellbeing. Whether you need tips on how to quit smoking for good or want to get moving more in 2024, there could be an app for you in our library.

All the apps included on the site have been assessed against 350+ criteria by The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications (ORCHA).

ORCHA reviews health apps against 350 tough standards, including elements of the NICE framework – and only apps which achieve a score of over 65% for clinical assurance, data privacy and usability feature on our app library.

Dr Mala Ubhi, GP and NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Digital Lead said:

“We know a lot of people find health apps useful for managing conditions and for improving wellbeing, but there are so many out there it can be hard to work out which ones are actually going to help. Our Gloucestershire app library has so many useful apps and you can be reassured that they’ve all been assessed against ORCHA’s strict standards for clinical assurance and data privacy.

“We’ve grouped together lots of apps by topic so it is even easier to find a programme which could help support you with things like stopping smoking, eating healthier and getting more active.”

You can find the app library here: