Ill or injured? Not sure where to turn?

Click or Call First:

  • If you have an illness that won’t go away after self-care or advice from the pharmacy– Click or Call your GP surgery. Use their website, the NHS app or phone them.
  • If it’s urgent and your GP surgery is closed, call NHS 111 and they will make sure you get the care you need.
  • If you think you may need A&E or to get the right care 24/7, Click or Call 111.
  • The 111 phone service can book you into local NHS services if needed including GP surgeries, Community Minor Injury and Illness Units or A&E where appropriate.
  • The local ASAP Glos NHS website and app (download from Apple or Google Play stores) also offers information on self-care, local services and when to use them.

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In Hours Advice

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Know Your Options